Privacy and the Digital Public Sphere

I am interested in how the digital public sphere is structured by distinct forms of power, and how platform governance and surveillance practices inhibit the democratic deliberation of citizens.



  1. Privacy in Public: A Democratic Defense (in Moral Philosophy and Politics)
  2. Indiscriminate mass surveillance and the public sphere (in Ethics and Information Technology)


Academic Presentations

  1. Taking Power in the Public Sphere Seriously (Prague, 09/2023)
  2. Republican Citizenship and Structural Domination in the Digital Public Sphere (Nijmegen, 09/2022)
  3. Privacy in Public: A Democratic Defense (Karlsruhe, 04/2019)
  4. Privacy in Public: A Democratic Defense (Groningen, 01/2019)
  5. Surveillance as Colonization of the Public Sphere (Amsterdam, 2018)
  6. Privacy Activism and Civil Disobedience (Groningen, 12/2016)
  7. What's Wrong with Surveillance? (Amsterdam, 2015)
  8. What’s Wrong with Surveillance? (Amsterdam, 2015)